Friday, January 31, 2014

Four New Yoga Classes - Which is for You?

Below are four yoga classes I designed. Which one would you be most interested in trying and why?

Yoga for Abs and Core Strength - Tailored to give your stomach the slim look you dream of, this sequence of yoga poses will take you on the path to your sexier stomach today.

 - This class would be a Vinyasa based yoga class that includes poses that require participants to engage abdominal muscles and strengthen their core. It would also include traditional core exercises like leg lifts, crunches and lots of forearm plank pose.

Rock 'n Roll Yoga -  Flow through yoga poses as you rock out to favorite songs.

 - This class is a Vinyasa yoga class with a rock playlist that appeals to people in their early 30s.

Great Legs Yoga - Strengthen, lengthen and slim your legs with these yoga sequences designed to make your legs look great! Increase your balance and flexibility. This class is a perfect compliment for those who love to dance or do ZUMBA.

- I would teach this class with lots of standing poses designed to strengthen all the muscles in the legs as well as the butt. Balancing poses would also be utilized to strengthen the body's subtle musculature.

Centered, Present and Focused - This meditative yoga class focuses participants on their inward path. Breath exercises, deep breathing and long-held poses allow participants time to be with their body and feel its sensations as they find a state of deep relaxation.

 - Centered, Present and Focused utilizes yoga for the mind. I would encourage each participant to follow their breath, stay present and keep going deeper. By the end of the class, participants will feel more relaxed and have a focused mind.

Which one sounds the most fun to you and why?

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