Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What difference do I want to make?

'I don't know' doesn't cut it anymore. Life is moving forward with relentless speed and it's time I put my feet down and sink them into the sturdy concrete. Making money to pay bills and live a nice life is a necessary part of societal living but it alone doesn't provide much meaning or make a big difference in the world. There has to be more purpose.

To me 'I don't know' shows a lack of self awareness. It shows that in those places where those words come up, I haven't yet dug into myself to discover my true feelings. So when 'I don't know' comes up when it comes to my feelings and thoughts, I'm going to take a deeper look.

The past few weeks I've been digging inside myself for answers. Asking myself lots of questions and doing lots of writing. I've been an avid writer throughout my whole life ever. When I first learned to read and write, I created a poem that I still have with me to this day. A poem about the infinity of human experience and the vastness of the universe. It still inspires me on my journey as I discover what I want to do to make a difference.

As I dive inside my 'I don't knows' I discover a vast infinite world reminiscent of my childhood poem. A world that aught to be shared with others. It's a place of imagination and creativity that I can draw upon. The deeper I go, the more endless I see it is especially just around the bend from 'that's all I've got left.'

Creating stories that inspire the imagination of other people so they can expand their own worlds is a difference I want to make in this world. My work can be one piece of the human puzzle to inspiring creativity, imagination, joy and wonder in the world.

Monday, September 29, 2014

5 Must-Do Yoga Balancing Poses

Yoga Balancing Asanas 

The reasons to practice yoga are numerous. Equanimity, strength, flexibility, balance, calm mind, stronger conviction, greater connection to the universe. Each person has their own particular reasons. Yoga has such amazing benefits because the asanas or yoga poses are designed to allow our body to naturally fit into its own alignment. Besides the physical benefits, we also experience relaxation and clearer minds. The poses as well as our focused breathing help this aspect. The third benefit is spiritual.

The balancing poses highlighted in this post will help you find more balance in your life both in your body and the world. You might find it easier to ride a snowboard or surf because your balance has improved or try tougher yoga balancing postures. You might also find the pieces in your life falling into place easier or you might bounce back from adversity quicker than you used to. Your life will have more balance.

Virabhadrasana III - Warrior III

Warrior 3

Warrior III builds strength in our cores, legs and glutes. It requires warrior-like focus on our drishti or point of focus to stay balanced. Practicing Warrior III will aid you in navigating the adversity of life as you trust yourself to the process.

Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon

Connect your standing leg deeply into the earth as you lift up your back leg and shift your weight forward into the palm of your hand. This elegant pose keeps you smooth like the moon. It opens your hips and heart to the universe as well as promoting balance.

Vrksasana -Tree

Feel roots growing out of the bottom of your feet deep into the earth. Becoming a tree in vrksasana gives us perspective on life. We might feel strong and flimsy at the same time. Like any tree, you must be able to go with the wind. Flexibility is integral to balance as you don't want your tree to snap in the wind.

Bakasana - Crow Pose


 A strong core is the backbone of your crow pose. From downward facing dog, plant your hands firmly shoulder-width apart then start to walk your legs up towards your hands. Place your knees onto your triceps or hug your arms with your thighs. Look forward as you shift your weight into your hands. Engage your core. Breathe.

Parivritta Parsvokonasana - Prayer Twist

Twist out your internal organs as you strengthen your balancing skills. Prayer Twist requires both physical and internal balance. A strong core as well as powerful legs will be developed in this pose. As you practice, start to raise your gaze up towards the ceiling as your balance improves.

Building My Real Estate Property Finder Company

I'm excited about the real estate business I'm building. As my team grows and I learn more about the real estate market in New York City, I feel more confident and excited to grow and expand my business. I've learned it's about people. It's my job to connect to homeowners and offer them options and solutions if they want to sell their property. From the thousands of cold calls I've made, I've learned techniques and skills to connect with people. I've been complemented on my approach which has been a work in progress and still is because I know there are more and better ways to make a connection. 

As I build my business which currently includes myself and Isaac plus our newest recruit Yuji, I see a promising future where the company will have several layers. On the ground floor the property finders will actively make cold calls to prospective sellers, search property listings for deals, and send out mailings and other marketing materials to proper leads. There will be a social media component where not only will each person in the company monitor their own twitter accounts but analytics and advertising will be employed to identify potential clients. There will be a layer of managers who keep track of the property finders' progress and ensure follow ups and timely handling of issues. 

As my company grows, I keep learning. I keep seeing new ways to make an impact and offer solutions. I'm excited about the company's future.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Affirmations Keep Our Thoughts in Shape

Affirmations help us create the future we want. They help us realize what we already have and appreciate where we are. But not only does an affirmation help us get somewhere, it also changes who we are for the better. Affirmations keep our thoughts in shape.

Everything in the universe has a vibration including our thoughts and every thought we have affects our entire being with its vibration. Thoughts are electrical impulses that emit a vibrational frequency and this vibration acts like a signal to the universe drawing to it objects, experiences and people who resonate with that frequency. As human beings, we have control to change the frequency we emit much like we can choose to turn the radio dial to tune into a different radio station. We're not born with a simple dial that says which station we are tuned into. Instead we learn to cultivate this skill and change our resonant frequency with our thoughts.

If you watch your thoughts, you will begin to see that they are directly connected to your feelings. If you think about relaxing on a warm sunny beach, you'll feel more relaxed and probably lighter and more at peace. If you imagine your car getting a flat tire, you may notice feeling weighed down or heavier. Whether you are feeling good or bad, your thoughts are right in alignment with that.

When we understand and recognize this connection between our thoughts and our feelings, we can start to influence our lives for the better. Not only will we want to remove the thoughts that bring us down, we will want to increase the thoughts that bring us up. Herein lies the power of affirmations. By focusing on a desired thought, we begin to raise our vibration while simultaneously feeling more good feelings and less bad feelings.