Friday, September 12, 2014

Affirmations Keep Our Thoughts in Shape

Affirmations help us create the future we want. They help us realize what we already have and appreciate where we are. But not only does an affirmation help us get somewhere, it also changes who we are for the better. Affirmations keep our thoughts in shape.

Everything in the universe has a vibration including our thoughts and every thought we have affects our entire being with its vibration. Thoughts are electrical impulses that emit a vibrational frequency and this vibration acts like a signal to the universe drawing to it objects, experiences and people who resonate with that frequency. As human beings, we have control to change the frequency we emit much like we can choose to turn the radio dial to tune into a different radio station. We're not born with a simple dial that says which station we are tuned into. Instead we learn to cultivate this skill and change our resonant frequency with our thoughts.

If you watch your thoughts, you will begin to see that they are directly connected to your feelings. If you think about relaxing on a warm sunny beach, you'll feel more relaxed and probably lighter and more at peace. If you imagine your car getting a flat tire, you may notice feeling weighed down or heavier. Whether you are feeling good or bad, your thoughts are right in alignment with that.

When we understand and recognize this connection between our thoughts and our feelings, we can start to influence our lives for the better. Not only will we want to remove the thoughts that bring us down, we will want to increase the thoughts that bring us up. Herein lies the power of affirmations. By focusing on a desired thought, we begin to raise our vibration while simultaneously feeling more good feelings and less bad feelings.

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