Monday, September 29, 2014

Building My Real Estate Property Finder Company

I'm excited about the real estate business I'm building. As my team grows and I learn more about the real estate market in New York City, I feel more confident and excited to grow and expand my business. I've learned it's about people. It's my job to connect to homeowners and offer them options and solutions if they want to sell their property. From the thousands of cold calls I've made, I've learned techniques and skills to connect with people. I've been complemented on my approach which has been a work in progress and still is because I know there are more and better ways to make a connection. 

As I build my business which currently includes myself and Isaac plus our newest recruit Yuji, I see a promising future where the company will have several layers. On the ground floor the property finders will actively make cold calls to prospective sellers, search property listings for deals, and send out mailings and other marketing materials to proper leads. There will be a social media component where not only will each person in the company monitor their own twitter accounts but analytics and advertising will be employed to identify potential clients. There will be a layer of managers who keep track of the property finders' progress and ensure follow ups and timely handling of issues. 

As my company grows, I keep learning. I keep seeing new ways to make an impact and offer solutions. I'm excited about the company's future.

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