Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What difference do I want to make?

'I don't know' doesn't cut it anymore. Life is moving forward with relentless speed and it's time I put my feet down and sink them into the sturdy concrete. Making money to pay bills and live a nice life is a necessary part of societal living but it alone doesn't provide much meaning or make a big difference in the world. There has to be more purpose.

To me 'I don't know' shows a lack of self awareness. It shows that in those places where those words come up, I haven't yet dug into myself to discover my true feelings. So when 'I don't know' comes up when it comes to my feelings and thoughts, I'm going to take a deeper look.

The past few weeks I've been digging inside myself for answers. Asking myself lots of questions and doing lots of writing. I've been an avid writer throughout my whole life ever. When I first learned to read and write, I created a poem that I still have with me to this day. A poem about the infinity of human experience and the vastness of the universe. It still inspires me on my journey as I discover what I want to do to make a difference.

As I dive inside my 'I don't knows' I discover a vast infinite world reminiscent of my childhood poem. A world that aught to be shared with others. It's a place of imagination and creativity that I can draw upon. The deeper I go, the more endless I see it is especially just around the bend from 'that's all I've got left.'

Creating stories that inspire the imagination of other people so they can expand their own worlds is a difference I want to make in this world. My work can be one piece of the human puzzle to inspiring creativity, imagination, joy and wonder in the world.

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