Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Reclaim Your Art of Dreaming

I want to inspire people to use their imagination and remember how to dream big. Many people are told when they are growing up that what they dream is out of reach and that it's too hard or you have to be lucky to achieve it. The problem doesn't come from those words, the problem comes when people start to believe those words and take them in as their own.

Often we associate living a dream with a career or job. It makes sense why we do that because if we do work that gives us joy, joy will seep into the rest of our lives and improve our over-all quality of life since work takes up large portion of our daily life. Why is it so easy for children to blurt out their dreams when asked what they want to do when they grow up? Because their thinking hasn't been limited by what other people believe they can and cannot do. They just know what's fun and makes them happy.

Stop and take a look around at all the ways people live in the world. There are organic farmers, touring musicians, business builders, event coordinators, TV producers and countless other ways to earn a living. So if you had a childhood dream, someone in the world is most likely already doing it! There is no reason that couldn't be you or me.

When someone tells you that something is out of reach, don't automatically take their opinion as fact. Take a look at the evidence. The evidence is that countless people are doing the thing that would bring you joy. Maybe a few got lucky breaks or were born into it, but most probably just kept dreaming and walked towards their desire one day at a time.

If there was a revolution in the way we dreamed, if we could even just allow ourselves to dream again, the world would be filled with more fulfilled and happier people. Let's start a revolution to help people use their imaginations and once again find their dreams.

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