Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recognizing a New Passion

So what are you passions? In the past this question used to stump me. I was nervous to identify my passions because along with it, I set an expectation on myself. This question of passion comes up a lot when you start analyzing your life purpose, what career path you want to take and when you just want to improve the overall quality of your life. I felt that if I knew what made me happy that is what I was passionate about, I was doing something wrong by not living a life full passion.

I've realized it's much simpler than that. For me a passion is just something I enjoy doing. It doesn't have to be something I'd kill for! It can just make me happy or feel good. It can be something that interests me or something that I find myself thinking or reading about over and over again.

Recently, I discovered a new passion. Healing Crystals! This one caught me out of the blue last week. It started I was watching the Spirit Science video about Crystals. I already owned a few crystals and had learn the basics of how crystals affect our seven chakras while I was studying to be a yoga teacher in Bushwick last year. I also had receive a crystal healing reiki session in Manhattan last spring. So I wasn't a complete beginner but the video opened my eyes to the possibility behind the use of crystals.

Since watching that video, I've been passionate about increasing my collection of crystals. I want to experiment with them and see how they influence the way I feel and how I interact with the world. I recently purchased a singing clear quartz crystal from a metaphysical shop The Crystal Closet in Mount Dora. My new beautiful crystal really enhances the vibration of any crystal it comes into contact with. When I place a rose quartz or green crystal on my heart chakra, then touch it with my singing quartz, feelings of love and compassion fill me up.

This brings me back to the purpose of this post. Passions can come from something small and grow into something big. The key to identifying a passion, at least for me, is to fearlessly recognize what I'm interested in and what makes me happy. When I do, I find that my life naturally begins to be filled with more passion simply because I've acknowledged its existence in my life.

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