Friday, November 13, 2015


You’ll regret that mistake.
I forgive myself
It’s too late. You’re not good enough.
I don’t have to listen to you
But you can’t stop now. There’s too much to do and much too little time.
That’s only a thought
You messed up and they don’t have what you want. Now hurry. Start Plan B now.
I don’t need to rush
They’re so slow. They’re stupid. You’re stupid for judging them. You’re a failure.
No I’m not! Stop!
You’re about to lose it all. Everything you’ve worked so hard to build. You can’t keep this act up.
I’m not acting
You’re a fake and a phony. How can they let you go on like this?
But I’m being myself. Right?
If they only knew who you were underneath. If they saw your uncertainty, your doubt, they’d not have to think twice. They’d know the truth if you shed your skin. Beneath it all, you’re a failure.
You really think so?
Fail. Failure. Fail. Failure. Failure fails again.
Hello? Failure? Anyone home?
You’re nothing.
You’re never going to make it like you hoped.
Never going to make it…
It’s too late. You’re not good enough.

Not good enough…

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