Books by Alexander Smith

For Poets Must Love

Release Date: 11/24/2015
In "For Poets Must Love," Alexander Smith immortalizes 32 fleeting moments we can all relate to. Moments of love like the warmth you feel under the sheets with a lover. Or moments of perspective as you contemplate those who walked these streets before they even became streets. 
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The Returned 

Release Date: TBA
**FREE Prequel Short Story Release TBD**

Exiled from the Angelic Realm to live out their existence in the human world, two brother's Ven and Jag retain their extraordinary powers of instant manifestation but fundamentally disagree on how to use them. Jag is bent on getting revenge by harnessing human free will to enact his plan for universal takeover and only Ven has the power to stop his brother and save creation as we know it.

Keep Our Thoughts in Shape: Empowering Affirmations to Make Lasting Improvements in Our Lives

Self Help/Non-Fiction
Release Date: TBA

Designed to help improve the thought life with guided consistent practice, Keep Our Thoughts in Shape is a feel-good book that will uplift you in your daily existence. 

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